Other name: Tower of Babel
Category: Korea Drama 2019
Genre(s): Mystery, Law, Drama, Melodrama, Investigation
Release: Jan 27, 2019 Runtime: Sunday 22:50
Episode(s): 16 Country: Korea
Broadcast: TV Chosun Language: Korean Subtitle: English
Director(s): Yoon Sung Shik Writer(s): Kwon Soon Won, Park Sang Wook
Cast: Park Shi Hoo, Jang Hee Jin, Jang Shin Young, Kim Hae Sook, Song Jae Hee


This drama is about a prosecutor who started his career as a reporter for a newspaper faces a life-changing event when his father dies in an unexplained accident, and his mother takes her own life. With his life shattered in pieces, he won’t stop at anything to uncover what happened and to get revenge.

A prosecutor who started out as a newspaper reporter, whose personality is described as fiery and hot-tempered. He grew up in a comfortable life, but one day his family is shattered when his father dies in an accident whose cause is unclear, and his mother takes her own life. When he finds out that his father’s bankruptcy and death are connected to a conglomerate, he begins his mission to uncover the truth and get revenge.