Life Bar

Life Bar

Other name: Tipsy Talk
Category: Korea TVShow 2016
Genre(s): TVShow
Release: Dec 8, 2016 Runtime: Thursday
Country: Korea
Broadcast: tvN Language: Korean Subtitle: English
Cast: Zion.T, Park Ho San, Bae Jong Ok, Park Hae Soo, Kim Sung Chul, Song Seung Heon


Life Bar (Hangul: 인생술집) is a unique talk show where celebrity guests and the three show hosts candidly share their life stories over a drink. The ratings for the show is upped to a “19+ rating”, making it the only R-rated show on.

Although it is a talk show entertainment program, it contains live drinking scenes. It broadcasts on the 15-year-old broadcast, and it was broadcast by the audience rating of 19 years old or over. However, after the second store, It is broadcasting again with a 15-year-old rating.