Liver or Die

Liver or Die

Other name: What’s The Problem, Poong Sang?, Waegeurae Pung Sang Ssi, What’s Wrong, Poong Sang, Live or Die
Category: Korea Drama 2019
Genre(s): Comedy, Romance, Drama
Release: Jan 9, 2019 – Feb 28, 2019 Runtime: Wednesday, Thursday
Episode(s): 32 Country: Korea
Broadcast: KBS2 Language: Korean Subtitle: English
Cast: Lee Shi Young, Yoo Joon Sang, Jeon Hye Bin, Oh Ji Ho


Poong-Sang took care of his 4 younger siblings and supported them financially, because his parents did not support them. His younger siblings are first younger brother Jin-Sang, first younger sister Jung-Sang, second younger sister Hwa-Sang, and youngest sibling We-Sang.

Poong-Sang is now middle-aged, but he has never lived his life for himself. He is still busy dealing with the affairs of his younger siblings. Poong-Sang’s first younger brother Jin-Sang makes trouble as he waits for a chance to change his life. Poong-Sang’s first younger sister Jung-Sang is a doctor. She is smart, logical and cool-headed. Poong-Sang’s second younger sister Hwa-Sang has an inferiority complex due to her older sister Jung-Sang. She is also a troublemaker like her older brother Jin-Sang. Youngest sibling We-Sang dreams of becoming a professional baseball player, but he has failed to achieve his dream.