Strictly Come Dancing 2020: week five – live

Following last week’s shock elimination, eight couples remain in the running for the Glitterball. Who will shine, and who will be shimmying away tomorrow night?

7.42pm GMT

Anton thought it was absolutely brilliant – this week Maisie was fluid and loose, although one of the lifts landed a bit heavily. Craig thought Maisie had amazing isolation and it was incredible. Shirley loved how she used her ‘feminine sensing zones’, and I have no idea what that means.

7.40pm GMT

This is a much more party version for Maisie and it’s miles better than last week. Some nice Salsa basics and a great deal of spinning that makes the most of that car wash outfit. Still looks a bit heavy-footed in places but some nice hip action and plenty of fabulous lifts. Enjoyed that.

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