What foods does your child during the tests must?

What foods does your child during the tests must?
During the days of the test, should the mother her children create with the appropriate foods that increase their concentration and activity. Fat food causes fast food, drowsiness and fatigue, and takes away the energy necessary for them to succeed and to succeed. What foods should be present during this time in your fridge?

How to protect your child from accidents?

A full breakfast is to start running for the day. They must contain complex carbohydrates to increase the energy after a break of food all night. Brings her delicious omelet with white bread or cheese sandwiches with natural lemon juice, which they supply with vitamin C

Many children do not like meat and fish, but you have to innovatively provides at least 3 times a week to eat, because they are rich to improve the intelligence of nutrients to stimulate memory and memory.

Wrong common beliefs about the first pregnancy

Salads are essential for dinner, proteins such as carrots, chicken and salmon, with the addition of flavorful avocados containing vitamins A and E and antioxidants that so enhances the brain of the fatty tissue of aging and protects the memory.

For snacks, you should raw nuts such as cashews, almonds, pistachios and walnuts choose how omega-3 fatty acids include fatty acids and. Fruit should be increased as the memory, increasing concentration promote containing food antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, and are rich in water.

How to protect your child from accidents?

to observe the child and keep him safe from the maternal duties, the young reckless and play eager forget safety standards and rush to adventure, can have disastrous consequences.

To go to the amusement park, take care of the games that they want to try to make sure that they are suitable for their age and make sure to put the seat belt correctly and not trying to get the game before completely stop.

Baby in the face of colds

On the other hand, if you go to public places such as parks or large shopping centers, let your children know that they should stay close and not waste time. they find someone from their friends so help.

Recreational activities for children for a joyful celebration

When you go to play, make sure that your children do not move notification to their steps and make serious. closely to avoid the park supervisor or the play-center managers to watch them ask mishaps.
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Wrong common beliefs about the first pregnancy
Are you pregnant for the first time and are afraid of a number of things that you have heard from your friends or neighbors? Do not worry, most of them are not true. Here are four false beliefs about pregnancy.

It is not true that the symptoms that women in the first few months, such as dizziness, colic and vomiting vary, influence from one woman to another, and sometimes these months may pass without the feeling that something has changed, so many pregnant women who did not discover pregnancy to confirm after a certain time that they have not felt any warnings pregnancy, waiting to react to your body and know that it is a short time and will happen.

Overcome your fears during pregnancy

If you are sure that your pregnancy is normal, you can usually practice your life. You go to work, visit your relatives, and some simple household chores, they provided not get to hurt themselves.

Travel during pregnancy prohibited. Travel is a bit tired, but can the pregnant woman to nearby or distant targets travel to the fourth month, whether by plane, car or train. You should just take care of yourself and visit the doctor before to calm her down and give her some advice.

What you do not know about breastfeeding

I have to eat about two people: it is the argument we say to eat what we want without guilt, and the fact that the amount of food you should eat very simply increase no more than 400 calories during the day so make sure to do not increase your weight so much suffering loss after birth.

Raising the child on the positive foundation for its future success
The child needs a lot of attention from his parents to develop positive feelings and overcome the negative thoughts and behaviors that affect its behavior. The young man’s nervousness and disobedience of orders and anger tendency quickly that you have exaggerated or blinded him lately, and it’s time to see more and help him him. Control his negative emotions.

Why does a child hate his school?

If a child is upset about something at home or at school, it accesses extreme way his voice heard, so that it is necessary for parents to multiply its presence in his life, around the base to monitor his problem to monitor the mother of sleep and make eating and his friends and teachers, so that he knows everything that happens in his world, and it has a negative impact. to control the monitoring of the birth of negative signals since its inception the way to positive, to rotate in the situation and how it is normal to be a child in a calm and serene atmosphere and comfortable good and cooperative and good manners and qualities and characteristics is produced.

How to protect your child from accidents?

It is also necessary to the child’s trust himself and his abilities, because the feeling of weakness and weakness caused an adverse reaction to the small plant to nervousness and anger, and that the exercise of the child to strengthen tension and nervousness to reduce and improvement in his mental and physical health is reflected positively on different aspects of his personality.

Baby in the face of colds

On the other hand, there is a lotIt a useful game that memory, intelligence and concentration develops and promotes peace and commitment, away from electronic games that focus on noise, violence and fighting, making them negative emotions.


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